200x105 cms. Acrilic over canvas, 1997
  Sílvia Chicó

    João Luiz Costa paintings put us in presence of a geometric abstracteness aesthetics.
    Calm and optimistic, this exposition has premises of international vanguard. Our glance perhaps saturated of an excessive and sometimes not very true shrillness, will lie down with pleasure on this autodeclarative and honest art.

    Extract of the Preface of the Exposition “10 Years of Painting” in the Modern Art Gallery of the National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon – 1987

Drawing over Fabriano paper, 75x57 cms. Pencil and acrilic, 1988
  Fernando de Azevedo

    This drawings are born from themselves, the emptiness making the fullness, and the fullness filling up itself with the emptiness, growing up and devouring themselves to one another…
    … They are beautiful because being so clear and depurated, each one of them is like a labyrinth. Although it never shows up in that space of austere abstraction, the Minotauro stays there, inside the temple, waiting.

    Extract of the Preface of the Drawings Exposition in the Modern Art Gallery of the National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon – 1988

“Composição” 100x90 cms. Acrilic over canvas, 1987
  Fernando de Azevedo

    This Paintings are so ordered an apparently cold, that we must learn to search for their acuteness and suspected frissons; and when you find them in what seems so gauntly plan as a wall and so shy in colour, you will be touched by some kind of clearness, a sensation of harmony, so unknown nowadays, in the frenzy passions in which we live.

    Extract of the Preface of the Paintings Exposition in Cooperativa Árvore, Oporto – 1989

“Composição” 100x100 cms. Acrilic over canvas, 1998
  Joaquim Matos Chaves

    From the way he resolves is paintings we can perceive an enormous and full of meanings quietness. The essential, the transcendent, the “absolute”. But all these realities do not forbid a dynamism which is a derivative of the colours vibration.

    Extract of the Preface of the Exposition in Gallery 5, Coimbra – 1990

“Paisagem Primordial com cabo” 90X60 cms. Oil canvas painting, 1991
  Joaquim Matos Chaves

    The painting as something which does not need to be qualified, the painting which only can not avoid this qualification: to be, irreducibly, pictorial.
    João Luiz Costa is among this kind of artists, with all his peculiar qualities. Remembering now his works of neoplastic matrix, I feel even more compelled to admit the initial words accuracy.
    Because for several reasons the geometric rigour is the structure of this landscapes. This happens only because the painter ponders about what he does. In short words it means that this is a deeply studied work.

    Extract of the Preface of the Exposition “Primordial Landscapes” in Gallery Arte Vária, Coimbra – 1992

“Paisagem Primordial, com longa praia” 61x50 cms. Oil canvas painting, 1992
  António Quadros

    … his landscapes are charming: we feel like getting lost through them, belonging to them.

    Extract of Correspondence in Catalogue of the Exposition in Galeria da Praça, Oporto – 1993